One of my favourite Christmas traditions is when we go choose our tree from the farm as a family, and then decorate it the next day together! Unwrapping all of our special ornaments every year feels so magical, even more so now that we have two little ones who get equally as excited as I do.

This year has been a bit different since we moved out of our home about a full month ago now, and into my parents basement while our home is being renovated. But we still made sure to get a tree from the tree farm we’ve been going to for four years now, Country Pines, and continue the tradition!

Our tree has ornaments from Adams childhood, my childhood, ones his mom brought back from Germany for us, and now our girls ornaments as well. I love the mishmash, mix and match look we have. There is something incredibly special about looking at your tree and having all of these memories flood your mind from when you received these ornaments, or when you bought them for (or picked them out with) your kids.

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? I’d love to know!


Here is a roundup of some ornaments we have on our Wishlist, and a few we actually have hanging on our tree.


This hand painted sphere and the metallic thread it hangs from…


These beautiful hand blown and hand painted ornaments, that were made in Germany…


These beautiful brass ornaments


These beechwood ornaments and the beautiful ribbon they hang from…


These unique handmade glass bobbles that can withstand kids curiosity and accidental dropping…


This sustainably made, beautiful ballerina from the Philippines…



These stunning 24 kt gold plated collectibles set


This very special 1st Christmas Swarovski crystal Ornament


And these shiny, eye catching gold glass balls











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