I managed to really overpack my hospital bag and Clementine’s hospital bag last time around, so I’ve tried to pack much more minimally this time (and not sneak in last minute items which  really  did me in). We do have a few more little items to remember since it will be mid winter and baby needs to be bundled up more than Clementine did, but I’ve been much more decisive this time around and haven’t snuck those unnecessary extras in. I’ve also packed fewer clothing options for myself (but better ones), only two outfits for baby (one newborn size, one 0-3 month size), one swaddle instead of multiples (since you get a blanket at the hospital too), and fewer “might need” items.

Carrying all of our bags back to our vehicle last time was a bit annoying, especially since only about one third of the items packed ended up being used. And seeing as it will be mid winter, and very chilly out, we will already be wearing multiple layers and have extra items to pack. So keeping everything else minimal is ideal!

Now that both mine and baby’s bags are both packed I feel more at ease. We’ve just finished receiving all the big items (like the bassinet, mamaRoo4, and car seat cover), so I finally feel prepared for baby and ready!







I did pack a couple of extras this time around, learning from Clementines birth and the recovery that followed. Extra heavy pads, and a comfy sweater (instead of a robe) are necessities for me this time around. The nurses didn’t want to give me extra items from what was “stocked” in my room, and I had to beg for more while being told it wasn’t really allowed…this time I’m going to go more prepared with some of my own! I’m opting for an oversized cardigan this time around instead of a robe because I found wearing a robe while sitting in a hospital bed to be pretty uncomfortable, and fidgeted with it a lot.  I know I’ll be much more cozy in an oversized sweater, and will feel much more comfortable!









Of course not all of baby’s items will come with us to the hospital when we go in for the labour part. Adam will come back home and grab the carseat, carseat cover, and extra diapers (if necessary) since he’ll want to shower anyways. It’s super convenient that we live so close to the hospital we will be delivering at so we can have this as an option. And so baby’s carseat doesn’t have to be lugged around or stay in the car and be cold when we need it.



  • Change of clothes
  • iPad
  • Chargers
  • Camera
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste


He won’t be packing much, guaranteed it’ll mostly be a last minute pack for him, because he won’t need much since he will be coming home in-between.




I also added the “later” bag this time for the things I thought I would need/want last time, didn’t end up using, but feel like I could still potentially want. Less bulk for when we go in, and Adam can easily grab this bag on his way back to the hospital if I really want those items.


I’m sure I’ll think of other things I’d like to pack or leave at home for next time from this labour, delivery, and recovery seeing as no two births are the same and our experience could be much different than last time, but for now I’m going with what I learned from my previous experience! Of course keep in mind some of these items may be unnecessary to some, and others may want to add some things to the list. Everyones experiences are different, and those comfort items can be different too! These are just the items I want to pack along and feel are necessary for myself and my family.

It’s hard to imagine two little ones in our home in a week (or maybe less), becoming a family of four! We’re so excited to welcome this baby into the world and get to meet him/her, and I know as soon as we do we won’t be able to imagine life without them. Just like it was with Clementine.



my hospital bag : cuyana  /   baby’s hospital bag : matt & nat   /




  1. A later bag is such a great idea! I wish I packed one when I was pregnant with my 2 children! Great Post! Goodluck with your birth! And hope for safe arrival
    I would love for you to check out my latest post and blog xx

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