We’re getting (very) close to meeting our sweet second babe, and it’s a bittersweet feeling. I am beyond excited to meet this little life that has been formed inside of me, to cuddle our baby, hold those tiny little hands, look into his/her sweet eyes. But I’m also a little sad it’ll be done so soon! Although pregnancy isn’t the easiest on my body and I’ve had a lot of tough symptoms to deal with, I truly love being pregnant. I love feeling those movements, seeing my belly jiggle around, and knowing there’s a beautiful life growing in me. I’m trying to take in every moment I can, and really enjoy these last few weeks.

This pregnancy has been incredibly different than Clementines pregnancy, both physically and mentally. I’ve had a lot more nausea this time around, as well as more headaches, migraines, and utter exhaustion. But I’ve also been busy with Clementine, so I don’t get a chance to really notice these symptoms as much until the evening when I can actually sit down. She’s really helped me to power through! My Braxton Hicks have also hit sudden and hard these past few weeks, and have been getting even more intense, while Clementine’s were a gradual buildup. These are a bit exhausting, physically, but thankfully it’s not the preterm labour scare we had with Clementine and I don’t have to take any precautions because of them! I am beyond thankful for that. Currently my skin and hair have gotten super dry (I lost crazy amounts of hair the first two trimesters this time around also), but I haven’t gotten any new stretch marks so far this time around (yay!). I have also only gained about half the weight I did with Clementine. This is partially because of how sick I was this first trimester and partially because I’m more active and conscious about it this time around. I’ve been buckling down on my diet, because losing the weight after is so hard and I don’t want to have to think about losing as much as I had to after Clementine was born.






We’re definitely not nearly as prepared for this baby as we were with Clementine. My hospital bags aren’t packed, I don’t even have a bag to pack my things in since my bag broke, and babys bag is not packed either. We need a bassinet for baby to sleep in, and we still need to purchase the double stroller! We’re also currently trying to plan a major house renovation, along with the Christmas season events and to-dos. It’s quite a busy season this year, but we’re trying to take it day by day and really enjoy it all since we know it will fly by fast. Sometimes it’s hard to not become anxious and overwhelmed when thinking about our long to-do list, but I’m constantly reminded that worry does not help but hinders, especially my attitude. So, we’re getting things done one step at a time, and trusting that Gods timing and plan will prevail again!

I feel so lucky that I have a husband who is so involved and helps in any way he can. He’s truly one-of-a-kind! Adam has been there for all of the doctor appointments (minus one when he was away on a work trip and couldn’t be there), which means more to me than I think he will ever know. I love getting to hear babys heartbeat with him every couple of weeks, and being able to share these special moments together. Even Clementine comes along to the appointments!

Baby has been moving a lot lately, and quite big movements too! It feels like our babe has dropped a bit already because the pressure on my bladder has become quite intense. But I’ll take that! Our little one is healthy, safe, and growing well which is all we are praying for.

I have no idea if we’re having a boy or a girl! Part of me thinks it could be a girl because we only have a girls name that we love, like with Clementine, so maybe that means we don’t need a boys name! But this pregnancy has been so different than with Clementine, which makes me think it could possibly be a boy. Only four and a half more weeks, give or take, and we will find out! We will be incredibly happy with either, so we’re not rooting either away/ I just can’t wait to know and meet this little one!

We decided to find out ahead of time with Clementine, which I found helped me to really focus during labour and just think about our little girl that I would be meeting soon. It was also fun to dream about her, already knowing what name we wanted for her, so it seemed like she was already a big part of our lives before we met her. It has been fun not knowing if were having a boy or girl yet, but also makes it much more difficult to choose names! This babe is a big mystery to us, which I’m enjoying but also is driving me a bit crazy. We will see how different it is not knowing ahead of time for labour! Maybe I’ll like the surprise better, who knows?

What I do know is that I can’t wait to meet this little blessing that is being formed inside of me. We already feel so lucky to have Clementine, who is such a beautiful girl on the inside and outside. We feel immensely blessed and fortunate to be her parents, and although there are hard moments that feel overwhelming the fact that we get to raise her is just so amazing! Adding another little precious being into our lives will be equally beautiful and tough, and I am so ready for that.






My Outfit: Legoe Heritage Dress (sold out in black but available in striped), Lack Of Color Hat,  Malin Landaeus  Boots, Tiffany & Co. Dove Necklace (no longer available), Vintage Wishbone Necklace
** Thanks to Josh Doohkie for taking these beautiful family photos for us! (I was 30 weeks pregnant in them, but my belly hasn’t changed much since. ) **



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