Somehow it’s been two months since I have written a blog post, my little girl is turning one this weekend, summer has officially arrived, and I feel like time is speeding up on me yet again. So here’s to getting back on track!

Adam & I have been trying to reduce our carbon footprint in addition to being selective with our purchases, which is slowly helping the clutter in our home become less as well as helping us be more environmentally friendly. Whether it’s for our supermarket trips, little items around our home, or travel items, we’ve been switching over to reusable products. Here are some of our faves!



























Items pictured :

  • Amber Bottles : I love these bottles! We use them for our hand soap in the washroom & by the kitchen sink as well as when we make our own cleaners. You can get the pump, spray, or lid attachment for them so the uses are endless. Next I’m hoping to get my shampoo and conditioner into these guys as well as some hand lotion. We buy our hand soap in the largest size we can as to reduce the number of plastic containers we have to purchase, since we can’t do much about that. I would love to branch out and try to make my own sometime though!
  • Linen Napkins : We rarely purchase disposable napkins anymore (minus the stack I have for Clementines bday party…they have little clementines on them!) because these are so much nicer to use (they don’t fall apart while wiping something) and they’re easy to clean. It saves a lot of waste. We make sure to purchase the linen napkins vs. cotton because they are more durable and cotton is a water and pesticide intensive crop (not including the organic cotton options) therefore can actually up your carbon footprint. We also make sure to line dry our napkins so there is no energy going into drying them, reducing our footprint further.
  • Parisian Cotton Net Bag – Long Handle : A must have for grocery shopping! It’s easy to come home with numerous plastic bags from the ones you put your produce into as well as the larger white ones to carry it to the car. These guys help me to consolidate my produce and not have to use those little clear bags (or larger white ones). They can stretch to hold a lot of items, and I have to admit I also enjoy the look of them. I’ve also used it to carry around some random items I may need for myself or Clementine, so they’re not limited to just grocery items!
  • Parisian Cotton Net Bag : Also great for produce, such as fruits and smaller vegetables, or whatever other item you may need to carry.
  • Vintage Lined Jute Bag : Great for carrying around as a purse, tote bag, or along to the grocery store for medium sized items like toiletries. 


Other items we use regularly that aren’t pictured :

  • Klean Kanteen Thermos : I like to drink my coffee when it’s steaming hot, so purchasing a thermos that keeps my coffee this hot is a must. I know there are many options when it comes to thermos’, but this one has been my favourite so far. I have had it for around 4 years now, and it’s still in great condition!
  • S’well Teakwood Water Bottle : I love the look of this bottle as well as the fact that it can keep your water cold for a super long time. Carrying it around really helps me to be able to keep track of how much water I’ve had each day, plus helps save waste on plastic bottles and multiple glasses I would use. You can use it for hot liquids as well, but I prefer to keep my water bottle a strictly water-only container so I don’t get that odd coffee flavour sticking around.
  • Apolis (+Kinfolk) Garden Bag : Although this bag is technically a garden bag, I like to use it to grocery shop with. Extra pockets to store things in! You can put the bigger items or more awkward ones in here, like your milks, cereals, boxed items, etc, and it saves you using those plastic white bags! Paired with the Cotton Net Bags, I rarely take items home in plastic bags anymore.


I’d love to hear what kind of reusable items you use in your home! We’re trying to change over as much as we can, and suggestions are always appreciated.



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