This months feature is all about Womenswear! I’ve always loved the idea of buying fewer items that are better quality vs. buying more cheaper items that don’t last long. Quality vs. quantity. Fast fashion is tempting for me, sequin pants? Yes please. But those items are out of style as quick as they come into style, and are usually a waste of money.

Becoming a mom has helped me to become more serious about this capsule wardrobe idea, and has helped me become much more selective when it comes to my clothing. Here are a few companies and items that are regulars in my wardrobe, and things that I cannot live without.


(1) copy.png



  1.  Harper Tunic by Elizabeth Suzann : This is hands-down one of my all-time favourite pieces (and small businesses). I purchased this tunic in a size up so I can wear it with leggings or layer it over pants. It’s flowy, comfy, has a huge pocket for storing things (like clementines teething toys during the day), and is super versatile. The linen feels amazing on, and I love the texture of it.
  2.  Georgia Midi Dress by Elizabeth Suzann : This dress feels so luxurious, and looks the part too. The silk crepe is buttery soft against my skin and flows beautifully. I love how effortless it is, and how it can easily be dressed up or down.
  3. Boheme Goods : Most of the items I’ve purchased from Bohème Goods are for Clementine or for our home, but I have purchased a sweater and a pair of pants for myself, which are so lovely. I love that I’m getting carefully selected one of a kind items, and that I’m supporting a small business.
  4. Blundstones : Blundstones have been a part of my wardrobe for a while already, but I purchased these winter ones a few years back and they were a very welcomed addition to my winter staples. The lining helps to keep my feet warm during our crazy cold winters, and the thicker sole helps walking on uneven ice and snow piled surfaces much easier.
  5. Denim Jacket by Lucky Brand : A good, classic denim jacket is a must for my wardrobe and I love how this one fits. It’s made super well and fits better than any other one I’ve tried on. A true staple.
  6. The Clyde Jumpsuit by Elizabeth Suzann : Elizabeth Suzann does it again! An item not currently sold (I snatched this beauty up during the sample sale a while ago), this jumpsuit is made from canvas and is a much sturdier material than my other jumpsuits. I like knowing I can wear this during my everyday errands and not worry about snagging or ripping it. And check out the pockets on it! They’re insanely huge, and that may be my favorite part about it.
  7. Mama Bird Tee by The Bee and The Fox : I just love the tees and oneies that this company carries! Super comfy, great for wearing with a pair of jeans or layering under a romper, I definitely wear this tee too much. Which is why I own two.
  8. High-Rise Jeans by Urban Outfitters : A slimmer version of mom jeansssss! I just adore them. High waisted, ankle skimming, perfect for tucking tees and blouses into, and perfect for everyday life. Not only do I like how these ones look on, and how they’re giving but yet still a bit stiff, I also love how I can bend over and not show off my butt (although they sure hug the butt nicely). They are my go-to’s until I can fit back into my vintage Levis.
  9. Jensen Grain Boots by Acne Studios : The prettiest and most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased. Oh but how I love them! Every time I put them on my confidence quadruples. They have magic powers…maybe that’s why they cost so much. I dig it.

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