Running a small business from our home is a lot of fun. I love being able to be at home with Clementine while still being able to pursue creativity through owning my own business. I love being able to thrift and hunt for cool treasures for other people, especially since Clementine loves going out and treks along with me. I hope it’s a fun mother-daughter bonding activity that we can continue to do together for a long time!

Clementines naptime is primetime for me; photographing items for my shop, packing up orders, re-organzing after taking photos. Then she wakes up and I get to go cuddle her and turn my attention back to her. It’s perfect! But it’s also really difficult to keep everything organized and tidy since we don’t have a lot of space to begin with. Currently I’m using part of our dining room, living room, and laundry room for storing and photographing all the the treasures I have found, so it can get hectic and chaotic in here very fast. I can’t  wait to have one room dedicated for my business in our new home! I’m sure my husband will enjoy that too.

I’ve been trying to get things more organized these past couple of weeks, with the help of Ikea, so here’s a little update on how it’s going!

We picked up a new, bigger desk from Ikea a couple weeks ago, and it’s been one of the best things for organization. I have more room to organize receipts, and more space to breathe while I’m posting and editing. And for cups of coffee. Of course.

I also picked up a few seagrass baskets from Ikea, a garment rack with hooks on the side for purse organization and a shoe rack below it for extra storage, a bunch of wood hangers (my favourite), and some clear boxes for breakable items so they stay safe.

By my desk I keep a basket filled with a pillow for extra back support when I’m sitting at the computer for longer periods of time, and a cozy blanket to wrap up in.











In our dining nook we have some big wooden window ledges that I also use as storage for ceramics, and an old & beautiful dresser from Adam’s Oma that I use for storing jeans, housewares, and more delicate purses as well . There are also conveniently a lot of random hooks that the previous owner put up which I use now for macrame plant hangers, chimes, and seashell chandeliers that I find.

I take most of the photos for Objects & Goods Co. on our table in our dining nook with a linen tablecloth as a backdrop. I like to keep it simple, and that room is the best room for lighting in our entire home.








Slowly but surely it is getting more organized, less cluttered, and feels waaaay better. I enjoy a clean, more thoughtful & slightly minimal home, one with items that are beautiful or useful only (and hopefully both at once). It tends to get messy and unorganized much too easily still, but we’re getting it back on track and it feels great!





**this post has not been sponsored and the opinions expressed are entirely my own**



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