As part of our New Years Resolution, Adam & I are aiming to support more small businesses and to be more selective with what we purchase. We’re trying to chose quality over quantity, minimizing how much we have in our home, getting rid of the excess and keeping only what we love and make use of.

Although it feels great to get rid of unecssary items that we’ve been storing in our home, and to slowly get more space back, it’s been harder to do than I thought. Getting rid of items isn’t my forte…finding things I love, that’s easy.

One of the places we first started with was Clementines items. Somehow she has ended up with an absurb amount of clothing, and I just do not want to store it all. Babies really don’t need that many clothes, just enough for a couple of outfits per size. One of the things we found when going through her things was just how poor quality clothing and toys can be. She’s barely worn some of her things, yet they look as though we’ve had numerous children wear them. On the contrary though, we did find items that are clearly a quality item, worth spending the money on, and I want to share those with you. We want to hand down these items to our future kids, and hopefully not have to re-purchase every single thing. So I decided to dedicate this months A Few Of My Favourite Things post to some of the small businesses we love (kids edition).







Consumerism is easy to get sucked into, which is evident by all the cheap stores which have multiplied these past years, and we are trying to not add to it anymore. Of course items like the Wrap Bodysuits at H&M are actually really great, so there are a few good things in the pile of cheaply made things. But there’s a lot of garbage to. Being selective is key, keeping track of what you own and what you need I find helps. A lot.







Here are our current favourite brands for good-quality kids items!



  1. L’ovedbaby – We started to purchase L’ovedbaby Footed Onesies when Clementine was about 2 months old, and we’ve been huge fans ever since. I know I mentioned them in my “A Few of My Favourite Things : January 2017” post, but I fully believe they are worth mentioning again. L’ovedbaby is a small company that makes incredibly soft, organic, and GOTS certified clothing for babies to ten year olds. They have great Footed Onesies, but also really great Kimono Bodysuits, Long-Sleeve Overalls, Pants, and PJ’s.
  2. Bohème Goods – A recent discovery, about four months ago, and we have purchased a few items from Sarah. We truly love every single item we have purchased. She has such a gift for picking out beautiful treasures. Clementine has a couple of sweaters from her (although she can’t wear some of them till she’s 2…I couldn’t resist them!), I have a couple of clothing items, and a gorgeous dish as well. She’s a mom of two (adorable) boys, running this small business out of her home, and she absolutely gave me the courage to finally open up my own shop.
  3. Briar Handmade Bonnets – Bonnets on babies, there is almost nothing in this world that is cuter than that. Other than the babies themselves of course. Briar makes incredibly cute bonnets, that are superb quality, and they are almost the only pink items that Clementine owns. We have a fleece lined, wool bonnet for her (our winters are chilly!), a cotton lined wool bonnet with a pom-pom, and one for the summer at the cabin. Adam and I are considering buying her one every year for Christmas because we love them that much. They will be great to pass down to our next babies, or friends, since the quality is there.
  4. Otherware – These teething toys are the beeeeest. Clementine loves shaking the Burly Teether because it’s like a rattle, and the different materials on it feel great on her gums. When her mouth wasn’t big enough for the silicone bead part, she could naw on the wooden rings. We really like how easy they are to clean, and how natural the materials are as well.
  5. Juddlies – The coziest, softest, and cutest sleep sack I have ever laid my eyes upon. It’s very warm (again, cold winters here guys), and has a 2.5 tog rating. We love knowing our girl is cozy at bedtime, and during naps, and that she will stay warm enough in our drafty home.
  6. Ulla + Viggo – We have a pair of desert boots for Clementine and a pair of sheepskin lined moccasins for winter from this great (local for us) company. Now that she’s starting to walk around the house (with our help of course), the desert boots are great for helping with keeping a good grip on our hardwood floors. We like the sheepskin moccasins to make sure her feet stay warm when we go out in -30c temperature too, and they are both unisex so it doesn’t matter if we have a boy or girl next.









Some other companies we want to try out are Millk, Yoli and Otis (we’re currently waiting on some shorts from them!), and Red Creek Kids. What are your favourite small companies for kids items? I’m always up for finding more!






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