A while ago I wrote a post on The Art Of Slow Living and what that means for myself and my family. Well, as irony would have it, the busyness of life and this season seemed to have consumed me this year. Finding the perfect gifts, spending too much time looking online and in the malls, making a long to-do list, trying to get that all done, it all seemed to take precedence over relaxing and taking things slower. And I had to get sick to realize just how hectic it’s really been.

I haven’t been feeling that well this past month and a half or so, a tight chest with pains, and difficulty breathing with no relief from my asthma inhalers, but I just figured it was because I haven’t been getting much sleep with Clementine teething and such. I figured if I powered through, kept going with my big list of to-dos, it would just disappear and I’d feel  better again. Turns out, I have pneumonia. And have had it for a while.









I find it funny how when I don’t know what I have, I tend to power through the exhaustion and pain, but then when I do find out it’s like my body tells me “I told you so”, and I then finally realize that I need to take a breather. Go at a gentler pace.

I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish yesterday, food I wanted to make, a home I wanted to clean, last minute items to purchase. But instead of continuing on with the fast pace and filled schedule that has been our past few weeks, I decided to take my own advice of living slowly, not allow the consumerism and busyness that has somehow become associated with this holiday season to continue to engulf me, and I drank tea. I took Clementines Five Month Photos (a bit late), and read part of a book. And it was delightful.







So here’s to a slower paced couple days of Christmas! Days spent with family and friends, enjoying one another’s company, cultivating community, cherishing every moment, and remembering the true reason why we are celebrating. Tomorrow is the birth of Christ, and I’m super excited to celebrate it!


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