It seems weird to me, a foreign concept really, that this Christmas is only our first one spent as a family of three. It’s true when they say you can’t imagine life without your child once they arrive. If I sit and think back on the past Christmas’, I remember them and the wonderful memories which have been created from them. But it seems odd that Clementine wasn’t there to celebrate with us. Even just last Christmas we were dreaming up our future with the wonderful news that we were pregnant. Yet it seems forever ago.








Now that our family is growing, we’ve been thinking about gift giving during the holiday season and how we want to go about it. Adam and I have both been been raised in families who are very fortunate and therefore we have received more than our fair share of gifts. We know Clementine and our future children will be spoiled by their grandparents (and great grandparents), so we want to keep our gift giving to a more minimal level. We heard about a minimalist Christmas gift giving idea where you give your kids four gifts ; something to wear, something to read, something they want, and something they need. We love how they can still dream up their own Christmas wishlist and receive an item from it, and we also love how it helps give us guidelines to follow while shopping. Goodness knows kids items are way too cute and things can get out of control fast. Of course this year Clementine doesn’t really know what she wants yet, so we mostly stuck to the mantra and just improvised on that one part. We also really want to be careful with the amount of gifts our kids receive because, as fun and wonderful as it is to open gifts, that is not what Christmas is truly about.







We’ve also decided to forgo stockings in our home and do a homemade wall-hung advent calendar instead. Last year I made one for Adam and I, and we like how you can put more than just chocolates and candies in this type of advent calendar. Some days are little gifts, like chocolates or socks (those are classics of course), but others are bigger and a bit more elaborate, like a hardcover book or an ornament. We can’t wait to make one next year with more family activities included in it!

Christmas is just a week and a half away! And we are so excited to spend it with our families and friends, and as a family of three.



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