As of November 15th our little girl turned four months old, which is just so unbelievable to me. She’s changed inconceivable amounts this past month, developing skills, becoming more interactive, taking steps as we hold her little hands (I kid you not), and of course the teething stage has hit full force. We had just come to a wonderful stage where she was sleeping 6-8 hours at a time at night, waking for a feed, then sleeping another 2-4 hours. Then teething ramped up.

Our Doula sent me an article recently and it encourages parents to look at the four month sleep “regression” as a “progression”. There is a lot of developing going on at this stage which wakes them up at night more often, physically, emotionally and neurologically, such as the pain from teething, their active brain which is constantly processing all the new things they are noticing, and the beginning of separation anxiety. It really helped me to understand where Clementine is at, and that it’s not me that is doing anything wrong but just how it is at this stage.

Although I’m excited to see her big grins with teeth showing, it’s really hard to see Clementine in so much pain. Any tips on how I could help her would be greatly appreciated! We have baby tylenol sitting in her dresser but I really don’t want to use it. She’s so young! We also have found one teething toy she looooves (the cute little Meiya the Mouse in the photos), but other than that it’s all cuddles around here.




When I stop and take  a moment to really look at how much she’s grown and changed this past month, I tear up. I cannot wait to be running around our home with her, exploring places and toys, seeing her continue to notice more around her, and to keep on experiencing the world through her eyes. But I find it shocking sometimes just how much she has developed and how fast she is growing up. Stay little my girl!



Here are some exciting things that are going on right now…

  1. She’s found her toes! About a month ago she noticed them, would stare down at them in fascination and interest, but recently she’s begun to grab them and actually play with them. It’s the cutest and funniest thing! Just yesterday she started to put them in her mouth.
  2. Clementine has revealed her laugh and oh-my-gosh it’s so-freakin’-cute. I just cannot get enough of it. She gave us quite the hearty laugh a couple weeks back and then decided to stow it away for times she deems more deserving, so I’ve had to do quite the amount of crazy faces and noises, but we heard it again and I was just as giddy about it this time around.
  3. On November 3rd, just before turning four months old, she started to walk. For real, I’m not joking. Not on her own of course, although I’m sure she wishes she could motor around on her own. But while we hold her hands, she takes steps, sometimes slowly while taking in the scenery, sometimes quickly to get to someone she wants to see. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it happened, she just started to take steps towards me while Adam was holding her upright on our bed! She’s determined.
  4. Clementine has been trying to roll back to front recently. It’s really funny to watch because she puts her whole body and energy into it, trying to swing her body over, and almost gets it! She always gets stuck on her side, right as shes about to tip over onto her belly, but just can’t muster up enough energy and rolls back to try again.
  5. She’s becoming more and more observant! Clementine has always loved to look around her, watching everything that is happening intently, but now she’s been even more into seeing what is going on in the world around her. It’s so sweet to watch her eyes become big and wide in wonder.
  6. Our little girl saw snow for the first time ever yesterday, and it was the most precious thing. She stared at it, big round eyes and mouth wide open in amazement, and was entranced the entire duration of our walk.
  7. Clementine is starting to grab toys, especially her Jellycat Kitty, and enjoying playing with them. She gives her kitty little hugs and then proceeds to chew on its ear.
  8. I’ve been receiving extra cuddles from my girl, and voluntarily from her! I’m so used to picking her up and holding her tight, giving her sweet cuddles because I want them, but now she burrows her head into my chest or neck, and put her little hand by my face for me to kiss. It just melts my heart.
  9. Her top front right tooth started to come down, we saw it!, but then it retreated. Ugh. I can’t wait for these teeth to break through and stop causing her so much grief.
  10. She is currently into The Bahamas, Motörhead, and still Bethel Music.
  11. Clementine is starting to recognize faces now and it’s so wonderful. When she sees someone she remembers, her face lights up and is covered in a huge grin. It’s just the beeeeest…especially when it’s me she smiles at and gets excited about seeing, amiright fellow mommas?

Christmas is right around the corner and I am so excited to spend this holiday as a family of three with Adam! This coming weekend we are picking out our Christmas tree, so Clementine will have another new thing to stare at in amazement. And you can be sure I’ll Instagram that!











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