There is something incredibly calming about having some order to an otherwise unpredictable day. Having a newborn in our home is an experience like no other, usually incredibly wonderful, sometimes a little overwhelming, and almost always pretty exhausting.

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Since the second day we brought Clementine home we’ve gone for a walk with her (minus a couple of days where it was crazy humid out). I’ve really enjoyed the routine of going for a walk everyday and the calming predictability that goes along with it. I never know how our days will end up going. Some days are easy, relaxed and full of fun and other days are filled with crying (mostly from Clementine) and exhaustion. I find the fresh air to be rejuvenating  as well as a great way to clear my mind (just like I did before Clementine arrived, link here). It’s a nice chunk of time where Adam and I can tell each other about our days and just be together without worrying about Clementine (since she’s usually passed out), housework, or anything else on our list of to-dos. It’s relaxing family time.

Clementine usually enjoys our walks. She almost always passes out within the first minute of them and sleeps soundly the rest of the time. Of course there are days where she cries during the entire walk but even then, I still find our walks calming and cathartic. Getting out of our home, more so out of our bed (it’s too darn comfy), feels like a big feat for me these past couple of weeks and is a welcome change. I don’t know what we will do come wintertime! But for now we will continue to enjoy the beautiful summer days and being outdoors.


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