On Monday, our little girl turned One Month Old! It seems like just yesterday that we were driving to the hospital and anticipating the arrival of Clementine. Where oh where does time go?








This past month has been quite the learning curve and adjustment period. Becoming a parent and learning how to care for a newborn has been full of exciting moments and equally hard moments. But we’ve really been enjoying our daughters little milestones and so I thought I’d share what’s been going on! Here are a few cool things that have been happening…

1. Clementine has been sucking on her knuckles and fingers since the moment she was placed onto my chest! She will occasionally take her pacifier but still ultimately prefers her little fist to suck on.

2. She’s been lifting her head ( for long periods of time) and moving it around by herself for a few weeks! She showed us she has quite a strong neck already in the hospital and has continued to show that off to us.

3. Clementine has been giving us those sweet little reflex smiles now for a couple of week and they make me feel like my heart will burst when they occur. About a week ago, while I was nursing her, she looked up at me and smiled! Then I looked into her eyes and smiled back and she smiled back! Oh my heart, so happy!

4. The Native Sibling’s album Letters Kept to Ourselves is by far her favourite album to listen to and will stop her crying 95% of the time. It’s the album we played on the way home from the hospital and the one I played the most of while I was pregnant with her.

5. She also likes The Black Keys, Bethel Music, Motörhead, and The Lumineers.

6. Her favourite sleeping position by far is still upright, on my chest, legs curled up tight like frog legs. Her second favourite is curled up against my chest while she nurses, especially at night when she’s supposed to be going into her bassinet to sleep. She always manages to get a few extra minutes of cuddle time because I just love how sweet her cuddles are.

7. Clementine is starting to enjoy her baths! She loves the warm water on her skin but still dislikes the whole getting out of the bathtub and being subjected to the chilly air part. Who can blame her?

8. When she wants to sleep, she will sleep anywhere and through anything! We can watch a movie, be talking, or making food right by her and it doesn’t phase her in the slightest. When she doesn’t want to sleep though, well, she will let it be known.

9. Slowly but surely she is starting to learn her nights. She has a couple good nights where she sleeps for 4-5 hours straight, is up for about 1-2 hours to eat then sleeps another 4-5 hours. And then she will have a terrible night where she sleeps about 1-2 hours. We’re very thankful for the 4-5 hour straight sleep nights.

10. She LOVES movement. It’s amazing how once the car or stroller begins to move, she quiets down immediately and usually falls asleep.

11. Clementine is a swaddle-escaping ninja. No matter how well I think I’ve swaddled her, she somehow manages to get one or two arms out of it! And of course, resting by her face or in her mouth.

12. Those facial expressions! She has quite a variety of them and they’re hilarious, adorable, and very entertaining.



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