My intention was to show you this super cool maternity dress styled while I was still pregnant but our sweet little Clementine decided to show up earlier than we anticipated, although I’m sure not complaining about that! So I decided, why not show it styled post-pregnancy since you can wear this dress throughout pregnancy AND after. Finding maternity clothing, good maternity clothing that is, can prove to be quite the challenge. Especially affordable items. So when I learned about the PinkBlush Maternity line, albeit far too late in my pregnancy which is such a bummer, I was super excited! I’ve not only teamed up with PinkBlush Maternity to show you this ridiculously comfortable (and cool) dress but we’re also giving away a $75 Gift Card to shop at their online store (details below)!


Dress | PinkBlush Maternity
Boots | Acne Studios
Blazer | Le Chateau (similar one here)
Scarf | Aritzia  (similar one here)
Leggings | American Apparel
Slip-on Mules | Rooster Shoes (similar one here)










Dresses were pretty much a staple for me during my pregnancy, I can only take so much of those elastic bands on the maternity jeans, so finding simple dresses I can layer with is what I go for. I like that this dress can be worn multiple ways, dressed down, dressed up, thrown on with birks. And it’s ridiculously comfortable! A classic piece I am happy is in my wardrobe, and one I can’t wait to wear next pregnancy.

Uploading these photos and letting them become public was much more difficult for me than I thought it would be. My body has changed a lot from pregnancy, I put on quite a bit more weight than I wanted to during those 9 months and it’s been difficult coming to terms with how my body looks presently. I am proud of my body, it carried a little human, kept our baby safe while she developed and grew and I think that’s such an amazing miracle. But it’s still hard to look in the mirror, or at photos, and see a body that doesn’t look like yours. One you’re not even close to fitting into any of your old clothing. And one you feel incredibly self conscious about. It’s an emotional thing, something I’ve been working through and trying to come to terms with. No matter how many kind words you receive from people, how many compliments that are passed your way, it’s hard. But one thing that does make it a little bit easier is the fact that I have a beautiful baby girl now who I love so freakin’ much. Those extra pounds I want to lose, the stretch marks I want to fade, and that lose skin I want to tighten, it’s all worth having now because Clementine was and is so worth all the crazy body changes I’ve endured. And that’s what I’ve been focusing on lately. My sweet little girl.




Okay, so how do you enter the Pinkblush Maternity Giveaway? Here’s what you do…

1. Follow both myself and PinkBlush Maternity on Instagram

2. Tell me which piece is your favourite from PinkBlush Maternity’s website by commenting on my latest Instagram post that’s about this blog post!

The winner will be picked at random, contacted directly through Direct Messaging on Instagram, and announced on Instagram! This giveaway closes August 18th, the winner will be chosen August 19th, and then announced shortly after. Good luck and happy searching!


*Please note that if you have won a giveaway from PinkBlush Maternity in the past 3 months, you are not eligible to win another just yet!*







  1. I love the chiffon maternity cut out dress! It’s flowy and perfect for summer/fall! It looks super comfortable too!

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