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We hit the 37 Week mark this past Monday, which means Baby Thielmann can make an entrance into this world at anytime now and be considered term! This is super exciting to Adam & I since we had a scare with pre-term labour a little while ago and have had to watch for signs & symptoms of it coming on again, which now we don’t! It’s also making me want this little munchkin to come out ASAP.

For those of you who don’t know me, or atleast don’t know me very well, what you should know is I tend to get overly excited for certain events. When I become invested, or am looking forward to something, I become full of anticipation, excitement, and joy and there is very little room for patience to be had. So to say I am full of all those emotions for our baby’s arrival would be a huge understatement. This is one of the biggest events that’s happened in my life (other than marrying my best friend of course)! I want nothing more than to start having contractions this very second and to be calling my husband telling him I need him with me, by my side! Alas, that is apparently not the way it works and you cannot will out a child on pure joy, excitement and your readiness to be done being pregnant.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’ve loved being pregnant ( for the most part)! It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life so far. My husband has definitely listened to more than his fair share of pregnancy talk, exactly how many kicks and punches I’ve felt that day and my ramblings about all the things I love about carrying our child. I mean I’m growing a little human for goodness sakes. It still blows my mind how my body has grown this life in me that started off so small you couldn’t even see it with the naked eye, which is currently about 20 inches long, how it’s nurtured this little being, and has kept it safe. It hasn’t been easy, pregnancy isn’t easy! It’s taxing on your body, incredibly hard work. The First Trimester was full of nausea and headaches, trying to not look like I was going to throw up when friends were over since we hadn’t told them yet, and consuming a ridiculous amount of ginger candies, ginger ale, and ginger tea. The Second Trimester was quite blissful really, minus the preterm labour scare of course. But this Third Trimester, which started wonderfully, has gotten exhausting mentally and physically. About three weeks ago all of the madness hit. The nausea, migraines, knifelike pain in my upper back, intense sudden swelling in my feet, legs, wrists and face, burning skin sensations, pink blotchy & dry facial skin, the need to pee every 15 minutes and the complete exhaustion from not being able to sleep properly whilst still growing this human has been taking its toll to say the least. I feel done with being pregnant, ready to push our baby out anytime! Sometimes it feels like it’s too much to handle, the pain consumes me and I feel like my mind can’t handle it. I feel overwhelmed. We’re prepared! We’re ready to bring our baby home! Admittedly I’ve been trying many different ways to get this baby to hopefully come out a bit sooner, including eating spicy foods and pineapple, drinking Mighty Aphrodite Tea, Third Trimester Tea, and other things. Of course I know that none of these are proven ways to coerce labour along, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to try. Plus, I’ve started to enjoy and appreciate spicy food and tea a lot more during this pregnancy so it’s also a treat for me that I get to over-indulge in a little now (bonus!). And yet, even though times can be hard and really tough and I want nothing more than to meet this little human that’s been formed inside of me, I feel extremely lucky to be carrying him/her and to be growing a family with Adam and want to feel these sweet little movements inside of me for a lot longer. I truly can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by, there’s been so many wonderful and exciting times, and it’s a bit insane really that it’s almost over. And it seems whenever I feel worried, anxious about all of the symptoms I am feeling, and overwhelmed, our sweet babe senses this and reminds me of his/her wonderful existence with a little kick, roll, or a bunch of hiccups. This kid knows exactly what to do. I am ready to not be carrying around this extra weight 24/7, and so ready to be carrying our child in my arms but I am also cherishing these last days/weeks as much as I can because although it’s hard, it’s also so so beautiful.

Adam is, of course, incredibly patient. He’s absolutely excited to meet his baby, hold him/her, and start this next chapter in our life ; parenthood. But he, unlike the person writing this post, has a level of patience which surpasses my understanding. And I am beyond thankful for it, since it’s keeping me more level headed and sane. Without him I would be so lost.

So as we continue to wait and see when Baby Thielmann decides to make his/her arrival into this world, and as I try to not consume myself everyday with thoughts that “this shall be the day our baby arrives!”, we will continue to do little projects here and there to preoccupy ourselves (or maybe that’s just me that needs to do that) and revel in the joy, excitement and anticipation this time is bringing.




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