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We’re officially in the final stretch, month nine, of this pregnancy and I just cannot believe how soon we get to meet our little one! Time has flown by way too fast again, which many are warning me that’s how it’ll go once s/he arrives…I can totally believe that. So Adam & I are trying to cherish every moment we have together as just us two and finish up any little things we want to get done before we bring our kiddo home.

The third trimester has not been the easiest. I’m pretty pumped it’s almost over, even though I do love feeling these movements and kicks inside of me. My migraines and nausea have come back pretty intensely, as well as some other things such as painful swelling, burning sensations in my legs and now a bit in my arms, my wrists are crazy sore and hurt to move sometimes and my vision has gotten a bit worse. But I’ve been keeping an eye on my blood pressure, which hasn’t gone up (yay!!), and I’ve started to take some extra magnesium which I am really hoping will help a bit. Pregnancy is a lovely, beautiful miracle but it’s also really hard!

To keep myself preoccupied I’ve been practicing mastering the Solly Wrap for when Baby Thielmann arrives. This way I don’t have to worry about that later on and can focus on spending time with him/her, and I must say it really isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Maybe the difficult part happens when you are trying to put a crying little one into it, but I have high hopes for this wrap and this baby! Skin-to-Skin time will be so much easier and more frequent if Baby likes this wrap.

I’ve also been working on finishing writing in Baby’s journal, as well as getting the next book, The First Year, started. I can’t wait to give these precious keepsakes to him/her later on! Writing in them and jotting down all the cool things, trying moments and exciting firsts that have happened during the pregnancy has been a lot of fun for me and I really love how s/he will get to read all about what they were like at such a tiny little age.

We’ve also been researching and taking classes about childbirth, labour options, decisions we have to make right after birth, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding etc. It’s pretty intense how many decisions you have to make in such a short period of time, so I am really glad we are preparing ourselves and that we will be able to make informed ones. We’ve had a couple of meetings with our Doula, whom I am so grateful for and really can’t imagine doing this without. She has not only given us great advice but made us feel calm and ready for the birth instead of anxious and freaked out. We’ve been reading some books as well such as The Natural Pregnancy Book and Breastfeeding Made Simple, and I’ve really been enjoying both. They’ve also made me feel less anxious about what is to come and have prepared us for different scenarios we may have to deal with and what we can do in them. I am all about breastfeeding if you are able to so learning what happens during labour and delivery and how the choices you make affect your level of ease to breastfeed have given me more incentive to try to have as natural of a birth as I possibly can. We totally understand that situations arise which you cannot control, decisions have to be made and outcomes happen which you maybe didn’t really want or foresee, but we believe that being informed about all our decisions and options will help us to make better choices if something does happen and knowing the pros and cons of these options is extremely important to us as well.

We’ve cleaned all of the clothing, the bedding, organized the essentials, and have made space in our room for a dresser we’re also using as a change table and trolley filled with items we will need within arms reach at night. I feel as prepared as I think one can for this next chapter in our lives and every time I think about bringing him/her home, my heart leaps with joy and excitement! Sometimes I lay awake at night, look over at Adam and I just can’t believe how truly fortunate I am to not only have this amazing man as my husband, but to be able to grow our family together. I don’t doubt for one second that parenting will have its trying and challenging times but I also don’t doubt that we will be able to figure anything out that is thrown our way. Being a team with Adam is incredible, he has so many traits I dream to have and constantly surprises me with his incredible patience and calmness. My goodness he’s going to be a ridiculously amazing father, I mean he rocks as a husband already sooooo y’know.

As we wait to see if our little one will be early, on time, or late, we will keep finding little projects to accomplish at home I am sure. I think I already came up with another while writing this blog post…



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