June 7, 2016

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I feel pretty much prepared for the big day now! Baby’s bag is packed, my bag is packed, just Adam’s needs to be packed and we are good to go, prep wise. We’ve gone to prenatal classes, which I would highly recommend because I really feel much less anxious and much more excited for labour & delivery now,  researched all the decisions we have to make in the hospital, have our essentials together and have assembled baby’s dresser as well. Just thinking about how wonderful it will be to hold our baby, say the name we have picked out to it, kiss it’s sweet face and snuggle it against my skin makes my heart so happy!



Processed with VSCO with a9 preset


I packed our baby’s bag quite early (check out what I packed in it here) because we’ve had some concerns about pre-term labour. I started to put some items in my bag a little while ago as well but finally finished it recently so now if Baby Thielmann does decide to arrive early, we will be set to grab the bags and go!

Before packing my bag I looked through a lot of different lists people have put online for what they packed/wish they would’ve packed/wish they would’ve left at home. Here is what I decided I want to have with me.


-a comfy pillow from home (there’s something so lovely about having your own pillow with)

-iPhone charger (&iPhone)


ginger candies for any nausea that may happen

-camera & charger

baby’s journal & my journal & pens

-snacks for after the birth (and potentially for during labour, depending on how long it goes and how much of a rebel I want to be)

-a soft, warm robe

-a warm, cozy, button down sweater, if I get chilly (plus easy access for breastfeeding)

-cozy slippers with grip on the bottom & warm socks

-hospital outfit for after the birth (yoga pants, loose tee shirt)

-going home outfit (high waisted leggings, oversized nursing tee, kimonobirkenstocks)

-two maternity bras & nipple pads & nipple butter

-some granny panties

-makeup essentials

-hairbrush & hair elastics

-shampoo & conditioner

-toothbrush & toothpaste

-dry shampoo

face wipes & organic virgin coconut oil


hand cream

-a heating pad for back pain

-prenatal vitamins

-birth plan


-a list of people we want to call & text about our big news (because I know I will forget about someone important otherwise)

-health insurance info

-extra diapers (our baby bag is packed full with swaddles, wipes, clothing and coconut oil!)


I still feel like I am missing something…but I really don’t want to overpack and have to haul around a heavy bag on the day of!

Any suggestions as to things I may have forgotten? What items did you find you needed/could gave left behind?




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