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There is something incredibly lovely and wonderful about having fresh flowers in our home. I find it brightens the entire room up and it’s such a simple thing to put together. I usually just pick up a couple of small bouquets from Superstore but after my parents added Adam & I to their Costco membership (thank-you Mom & Dad!) I’ve been purchasing our flowers from there since they usually have a ton of gorgeous options. I find it relaxing to sit down at our dining table and arrange flowers into one (or multiple) vases plus it’s way more cost efficient to arrange your own bouquets.

I’d love to attend a workshop on arranging florals, but until then I just look up inspirational photos online, read some random tips and tricks people post and experiment with the flowers I purchase every week. So far I’ve learned a couple of things that have helped my bouquet arrangements progress and look a bit nicer than they used to (although I still have a ways to go and would LOVE any tips you have for me)…

  1. Use Warm Water : Interestingly, if you put warm water into your flower vase this helps closed flowers to open beautifully. Flowers will also drink warm water faster than cold water which will help to keep them last longer.

  2. Cut All The Stems : Even if the flowers are about the height you want them for your vase, trimming them will help your flowers last longer since it opens up the stem and allows the flowers to drink in water more easily.

  3. Trim The Extras : Getting rid of most of the leaves on your flowers stems will allow your flowers to shine. This also allows you to do the next thing easier…

  4. Vary The Heights :  This is great so all of your different types of flowers and foliage are visible and allows your eyes to move throughout the entire bouquet. Although it’s a bit more abstract than having them all at one height, I really like how it looks more natural and organic.

  5. Choose Different Types of Flowers & Foliage : This not only makes your bouquet a lot more visually appealing but there are many kinds of foliage which usually aren’t appreciated that look really cool in bouquets. Try out a bunch of different kinds to see what you like!

  6. When In Doubt, Stick To A Colour : When first trying out arranging bouquets at home, sticking to similar colours but having different textures will look beautiful and be easier to decide on colours and types of flowers.

What are your favourite floral arranging tips & tricks?





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