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There is something incredibly special about going for walks outdoors. Nature has this beautiful way of warming my heart, making me feel joyful, recharging my batteries, and making me reflect on all of the things in my life that I am grateful for. It overwhelms all of my senses in the best way possible.

“May we never lose our wonder, wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child, staring at the beauty of our King”.

Wonder by Bethel  portrays exactly how I feel on and about walks. Wide eyed, mystified, staring into the beauty around me. Springtime is especially good for this with the blooming flowers, colourful trees and fresh smell in the air!

Taking Max for walks adds another element of wonder. I love how he gets so beyond excited when I even say the word “walk” in anticipation of being able to go explore. He may just be a dog, but you can tell how elated he is to go run around outdoors and once we’re out the door the excitement grows and grows. He wants to see everything, smell everything, pee on everything of course. I find his excitement makes me that much more excited to be outdoors too and to see it all.

I cannot wait to take little Thielmann out on walks, especially next summer when he/she will be able to really look around instead of laying in a bassinet stroller, and to experience the wonder through our childs eyes! To be able to see the world through a childs eyes is such a blessing I am really looking forward to. Everything is so new to them, so full of possibilities, their imagination runs wild and free and their carefree attitude is a beautiful outlook which I like to remind myself to have.

“The earth has its music for those who will listen; Its bright variations forever abound. With all of the wonders that God has bequeathed us, There’s nothing that thrills like the magic of sound.” Holmes, Reginald Vincent (1955)




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