This past month has been a bit of a doozy. At the beginning of it I found out I’m super low in some vitamins and had developed hypothyroidism so I’m on a bunch of vitamins now and I was on some extra hormones for the ol’ thyroid. Then I went into the doctors a couple days later with some pains I was a bit concerned about and found out I actually have some things going on the doctors need to keep an eye on otherwise I’m at risk for preterm labour. I won’t get into the details, but it’s definitely something that I have to be careful about and make sure I follow the doctors orders.  So it’s been a lot of sitting around and trying to relax! Sitting around is ridiculously boring after a while, so I’ve been trying to come up with things I can do while sitting in bed/on the couch or that involve minimal walking around. If you have any ideas, I’m so up for hearing them!

The good news is that everything seems to be okay right now. My thyroid is pretty much back to normal, I’m off the thyroid pills and just on the extra vitamins! I’m a tad anemic but nothing to worry about, just taking some iron pills to help with that. I’m beyond thankful my body is almost being normal now and I definitely don’t take it forgranted anymore.

Baby has been kicking up a storm lately and making my belly jiggle and move around with all those acrobatics happening in there, which puts my mind at ease. I’ve always cherished those little movements but now I feel extra thankful for them. Last week s/he even stuck their bum out at me and did the craziest flop inside of my belly which make me shreak out loud from how weird it felt and then I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 5 minutes afterwards. What an odd and wonderful thing to feel your little one grow and move inside of you!

Adam and I know God has got this under control, after all He did bless us with this sweet little human being. But sometimes I find it difficult to just let go and not worry about things. So all of these health issues have really been a trust exercise for me and a continual reminder to let it all go to Him. Worry really doesn’t help make anything better, so I’ve just been releshing in those sweet little kicks and punches I feel and take them as a sign our little one is still doing okay in there!

I’m so thankful for everyday our munchkin is still keeping their home in my womb. It’s crazy to think that we’re coming close to being done week 30 which means just over a week and this baby could safely come then at any point after. I do hope it stays in there a little longer than that but I also cannot wait to hold him/her in my arms and kiss that sweet face.




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