Processed with VSCOcam with a10 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a10 preset

Two weekends ago I attended the third annual Third + Bird Craft Sale, which of course was so lovely and filled with many beautiful and creative pieces of art yet again. My first time attending Third + Bird I purchased my first Tony Chestnut item and was officially hooked to this craft sale for life. This year I somehow seemed to have found even more treasures than last time, some for our little one, some for my mom for Mother’s Day, and quite a few for myself.

Last time I stumbled across Ulla + Viggo‘s table and was so impressed with their adorable little mocassins that I purchased two pairs for our friends who had just had twins. As soon as we found out that we were having a little one I knew I needed a pair for ours! So I bought the sweetest little brown leather desert boots in a size 3-6 month since then it’ll be winter and makes a bit more sense to put little boots on. I can’t get over how big they look though and how fast that means our baby will grow!

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This year I took more time to look at the jewelry, which there was many choices of. And I found this simple but beautiful necklace I knew I needed to have. So perfect for layering or on its own! Monique Espino hand makes a bunch of cool and unique necklaces and bracelets and you can purchase them from her etsy shop too.

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I was also super stoked to come across a beeswax candle stand as well, Barletta Beeswax. I’m a huge fan of beeswax candles so to say I had a hard time choosing which ones to purchase is an understatement. I ended up purchasing tea light candles for everyday use and some medium sized candle sticks for myself as well as a cool pillar candle for my mom. I wish I could’ve bought a whole ton more! I can’t wait to light these candles and have the smell of melting beeswax throughout our home.

And last, but certainly not least, recycled wooden items by Salvaged Earth Designs! I usually cannot stand the feel of wooden spoons, bowls etc. That rough feeling on my skin gives me the not good kind of goosebumps and so I have never bought any of these items. But when I picked up these spoons, oh my goodness I just couldn’t believe how smooth and wonderful they felt! I bought some little sugar/honey spoons, a butter/cheese knife and a stovetop spoon holder as well as a stovetop spoon holder for my mom. I really had to restrain myself from purchasing one of everything, oh boy how I wanted to. What is really cool though about these items is that the materials are all from Manitoba. One of the spoons I picked out is made from Mountain Ash which is from a tree left at the end of someones driveway and they were giving it away for free, and the other is made from a Crabapple Tree from St. Boniface area! The spoon holder is made out of cherry wood as well as the knife. The man at the stand was incredibly helpful and friendly, telling me about all the places he has gotten his materials from which was really cool and made the experience all that more enjoyable.

Processed with VSCOcam with a10 preset

I can’t wait until the next sale!





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