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We’re in the final stretch of this pregnancy, and it’s a little bit hard to believe how fast it’s going by. I’ve been told I won’t be saying this soon and that I’ll be ready to be done, which I can totally see happening, but I really do feel like it’s going to fly by much too quickly. We have so many things to accomplish before this little munchkin arrives, like packing and moving into my parents home and getting these house renovations happening, so that has definitely been helpful with making time go by. To be honest though I really hope everyone is right and that this last trimester goes by much slower because I’m really enjoying having our sweet little baby growing inside of me. I love those kicks s/he gives me in the morning before I get out of bed, in the afternoon after I eat and at night once I’m settled into bed. I love how our baby is getting stronger each day and makes my belly move around and jiggle when it moves inside of me. I love reading about how our baby grows each and every week, what developments are taking place, how much weight s/he has gained, and I feel so blessed to be able to experience this all with my wonderful husband and best friend.

Experiencing these milestones makes my heart fill with joy and the thought of our little ones arrival is pretty fantastic but I know nothing can prepare me for what it will be like to be a mom. I’ve been babysitting since I was 11 years old, I have a bunch of experience with putting kids to bed, feeding them, dressing them, bathing them, taking them out on little adventures, even having to deal with a poor little guy who developed an ear infection while I was babysitting him. But even though I’ve been fortunate to have these experiences (okay not the ear infection, that poor kid), and extremely fortunate to be carrying our little munchkin inside of me, I feel like absolutely nothing will prepare me for the reality of bringing a child, our child, back to our home. It’s overwhelming thinking about how Adam and I will be responsible for this child’s well being, how it’s raised, and I really think it’s something you just have to jump in to and can’t fully comprehend prior to. You can read parenting books, get advice from people you trust, but in the end you and your spouse have to make these huge decisions that will affect your child’s life, and there’s no prep course you can take for that. I am incredibly thankful though for our families, friends, and faith, I know we won’t be alone in raising this child. My wonderful mom has already reminded me several times that she will be kicking Adam and I out of the house for date nights because she wants to babysit ha ha! So even though the task of parenting can seem daunting at times, the excitement absolutely outweighs the nervousness and  I feel over-the-moon excited about this next phase we are about to embark on as a couple. I am so ready to hold our little one in my arms and kiss that little face!

We’ve already purchased the crib and the car seat, next up is the stroller. We have even completed our baby’s bag! Since we do have so much to do this next while I feel way better being a bit overly-prepared so I don’t have to worry about it later (or forget to). We’ve purchased some other sweet little items such as a woven moses basket we will use for when we are on another floor at my parents because goodness knows you can’t easily move a crib around to wherever anytime you’d like. And we have also purchased some other little items as well that I just couldn’t resist walking by. Seriously, why do baby items have to be so darn cute?!


I can’t wait for our home to be complete so I can decorate the baby’s room! Even though our plan is to keep it pretty minimal and gender neutral (neither of us like the super girly or overly boyish items they have out there for decor), it will be so great to put our little one to sleep in their own room. For now, we will prepare to invade my parents basement (thank-you my wonderful fam!) and enjoy all the little things that come with pregnancy and this journey we are on.





  1. I thought I was the only one still digesting the heaviness of the upcoming responsibility. I can’t believe we’ll be shaping who this little person turns out to be! Congratulations though. It sounds like you guys are in a really great place and that baby Thielmann will be one lucky little baby!

    1. It’s an overwhelming thought sometimes, isn’t it? But at the same time just so crazy exciting too! Thanks so much 🙂 You are so kind and wonderful. Congrats to you guys too!

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