April 18, 2016

We’re officially in the seventh month of this pregnancy and that means  T H I R D  T R I M E S T E R! Some websites say it starts on week 27 and some say week 28 so we’re going with week 27. And we’ve also officially finished packing our baby’s hospital diaper bag! It’s been extremely fun for me to get the items together that we need/want for our little munchkin and I’m a little sad I’m all finished packing it. But if I continue to stare at it I know I’ll find more items to pack and my goodness I don’t want to have to haul THAT bag around later on, you know what I mean?

There really isn’t that many items to pack for bringing your baby home. We did overpack on the clothing items because I don’t know how the weather will be when we bring Baby Thielmann home. It’ll be mid-July so I assume nice and warm but seeing as babies can’t regulate their own temperature and it will be riding in an AC’d vehicle I figured bringing along more layers just in case. I would rather be prepared for any weird weather that may occur as well.

So here’s our list of what our baby’s bag contains…

T H E    E S S E N T I A L S


1. RAYLAN MED-CHILI. I love this Matt and Nat Diaper Bag so much! Not only is it made of recycled nylon lining but the exterior is made of vegan leather which makes it incredibly durable and I won’t feel bad if the exterior gets scratched, torn or stained. It has a great shoulder strap and even comes with a changing pad, which is pretty fantastic. It seems like it has an endless amount of compartments and pockets, which will definitely come in handy.

 2. NUNA PIPA CAR SEAT. Because obviously you can’t leave without this important piece! I am eyeing the Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller and there are a limited number of car seats which you can use with this stroller so we researched those and decided on this one. It really is great though. It has a very simple setup, great fabric which keeps the baby cool in warmer temperatures and warmer in cooler temperatures, a full coverage canopy, and has won many awards.

3. SWADDLES. There are so many adorable swaddles that it’s insanely hard to choose only a couple! I really love the Little Unicorn ones because I haven’t seen prints as unique as the ones they carry. We bought the Bison Cotton Swaddle and Nordic Village Cotton Swaddle! They’re breathable which helps prevent overheating, they’re made of 100% muslin cotton and they’ve gotten very good reviews. We also purchased the Little Lamb Swaddle from Petit Pehr, which is also made of 100% muslin cotton. We packed 3 swaddles in our hospital bag so Adam can bring one home to the dogs ahead of time. Apparently it helps the dogs to not view the baby as an intruder since they get to smell its scent before it arrives home. Then once the baby arrives home and the dogs sniff it, they don’t feel the need to defend me from it since they know the scent already!

T H E    C L O T H I N G 
Hospital Clothing

1. TOP KNOT BABY HAT. Even though it’ll be summertime, I still wanted to be extra prepared in case the weather is windy or a bit cool. Heat escapes from the top of your head the most, and since baby’s can’t regulate their temperature it seems necessary to me. Plus how cute is it?!

 2. WRAPAROUND SWEATER. Because again, who knows what the temperature will be like? May as well be prepared.

 3. SOCKS. Gotta keep those feetsies warm!

 4. H&M BODYSUITS. I love these onesies because they wrap around instead of having to pull them over the baby’s head. They come in short and long sleeve which rocks for layering purposes as well, and the price is super reasonable. We packed a short sleeve onesie and a long sleeved onesie!

5. JERSEY SET. Little Thielmann’s got to have a cute coming home outfit, amiright?

T H E    E X T R A S 

1. HONEST CO. DIAPERS. Apparently the hospital is pretty great about giving you a bunch of diapers, but if you prefer a certain brand or type, why not be prepared and packed some of your own? I like that these are hypoallergenic, chlorine free and are super adsorbent.

2. HONEST WIPES. These contain no harsh chemicals, they are hypoallergenic and super durable. The hospital does provide some but if you have a preference, bring your own!

3. BAMBOOBINO NO-SCRATCH MITTENS. I love how soft these ones are. They’re 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, and hypoallergenic.

4. HEAVEN SENT QUILT. For our car ride home when the AC is on and baby needs to stay warm! We have one that Adam used when he was little and I can’t wait to cuddle our baby in it!

5. BABY D-DROPS. The hospital does provide Vitamin D for you but they give your little one sugar based drops and I’m not into that. So we’re bringing our own which are just Vitamin D3 and Coconut Oil. Much better for your baby’s health and they won’t make them sleepy like the sugar based ones the hospital gives.

6. BABY BUTZ CREAM. I’ve heard many good things about this cream from a couple of Mom’s, plus it’s 100% natural which I’m into.

So Moms, am I missing any items? What items did you pack in your baby’s bag and thought them to be totally necessary or completely unnecessary?



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