April 14, 2016

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Ever since I was introduced to Kinfolk Magazine the view on living life slowly has intrigued me. We seem to live in a time where the glorification of busy continues to grow and becomes the “right” thing to do. And if we don’t seem to be busy enough to others we seem like lazy people, failures of some sort. I’ve found myself fall into this trap many times, especially when asked what I’ve been up to the past days/weeks. I’ll answer with a huge list of things and end off with how busy it has been. It seems to be a much more acceptable answer to people than if I’d give a short list of things I’ve accomplished, since then I’d get the response “oh, it must be nice to not have a job” or “I wish I could not have a job like you so I could relax more”. Why do we have this preconceived notion that people who stay at home live dull days with little to do and are lazy? And that being busy should be our ultimate goal? Whether you stay at home or work away from home, there are always choices to be made about how you will spend your time and this of course influences your schedule and busy-ness.

As our family and home are starting to grow, Adam and I have been talking about the art that really is slow living and how we can make that an important part in our lives. We get there will be busy days, but we also get the power of saying no to people sometimes and choosing how we spend our time will have a major impact on us as a family unit. We want to choose mindfulness, living fully in the moment and embracing what’s happening around us so we can enjoy the now. We want to choose a gentler paced lifestyle where our kids get our full attention at dinners, hopefully as many family dinners as we can make happen every week, and where Adam and I can enjoy the home we’ve made together. Embracing a slow lifestyle isn’t about being lazy, it’s about simplifying your life and taking the hurrying factor out of it. Spending more time with those who are important to you, such as family and friends. And cultivating a community. Because actually living our lives and truly enjoying it is part of slow living. And embracing everyday moments as moments to cherish is where its at.

We’ve been discussing a few ways to help us achieve this, such as regular family dinners at home, minimal to no tv (just a little Netflix once and a while), having the kids choose an activity or sport they want to be in, not 5, enjoying having crumpled and wrinkly bedsheets instead of spending time ironing or steaming them, and taking part in activities at home without making a mental list deciding how we’re going to clean up the mess once we’re done. I find it a bit crazy that we have to put so much effort into slowing ourselves down and not being overcome by busy-ness. But I am really looking forward to creating this lifestyle with my wonderful husband and our kids because it’s so important to us, and because spending quality with the people I love and not worrying about rushing off to our next event sounds like a really great idea. Don’t you think?



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