Three weeks ago we went for our 20 week ultrasound!

Going into the ultrasound I felt incredibly nervous. The technician looks for so many different measurements and little details during this one appointment and it seems incredibly daunting. Even though we’re keeping this baby no matter what results we are given at any point during our pregnancy, it still feels super overwhelming to have to lay in a room, in silence,  while your husband is outside of the room. But at the same time the excitement, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach (which aren’t the flutters are baby since they’ve turned into full on kicks at his point), and knowing you’ll be able to see your little one so soon is overwhelming in a great way as well.

When they started to perform the ultrasound and clicked that screen on so I could view the entire thing, I teared up and almost full on cried. There was our little munchkin! Wiggling around, curled up, and so safe. The best was when I would feel the little kicks or punches and see them half a second later on the screen. Now whenever I feel those jabs, I imagine how they’d look on that screen, which is pretty cool!  And seeing Adams face when he saw our baby on the screen almost made me cry again. The look in his eyes was so beautiful and full of joy and love, I can’t wait for him to be able to hold our little one.

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^^ eight & twenty week ultrasound photos ^^


Unfortunately they weren’t able to get all of the measurements since our baby wanted to stay curled up and buried (what can I say, the kids not a morning person…smart kid) so we went back two weeks ago to finish the rest of them. I didn’t mind having to go back because I was able to see our baby again , which was the best!

Thankfully she was able to get all the spine and heart measurements she needed after I walked around for 15 minutes and turned on my side, silly baby. We had to wait a couple days for the results which in truth felt like an eternity for me. In my heart I knew that everything was going to be okay and that since God blessed us with this wonderful little surprise I was sure he would bless us again with good news on our baby’s growth. But there was this little part of me that was afraid something could be wrong. Because of me. We didn’t find out about our little one until I was around 4.5 weeks along. And in that time we had gone to many concerts and outings where I had drank. Not excessively no, but I had consumed more alcohol than I would have if I would have known it was a possibility we had conceived that’s for sure. I went through a lot of emotions that weekend as we awaited the results. Fear, guilt, anxiety, they consumed me and even though I knew it was super unlikely the alcohol could have affected our baby (after all, it only forms into an embryo in week 5 finally), I knew if we received results back saying our baby wasn’t developing properly I wouldn’t be sad because of the results themselves but because I would blame myself for it. To say relief flooded over me when my doctor read the great ultrasound results to me feels like an understatement. I was so happy and  so thankful I didn’t do anything to harm our little one and I am so grateful to our wonderful Creator for keeping our child safe in me!


I feel so much more relaxed now and I feel like I can truly enjoy these next months of pregnancy to their fullest. And it’s going by so quickly I’m trying to cherish every moment since it seems like it’ll be done so soon!

Lately it has been a tad rough seeing as my entire right side of my body is in pain. I think there is a nerve pinched in my lower right side of my back which is affecting my right leg, hip and now up into my neck and head. But thank goodness for professionals such as massage therapists and chiropractors who are helping me to alleviate some of the pain. Unfortunately they can’t get it to go away totally quite yet. We’re pretty sure the baby and my uterus are both putting the pressure onto a nerve hence the madness, so I’m just trying to focus on how it’s amazing that our baby is getting big enough to affect me so much. A blessing and miracle if you think about how fast it grows in there!

Those kicks and punches are getting stronger everyday it feels like, and sometimes I wonder if this child will be a kick boxer. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our baby and for us in this next chapter of our lives.



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