To Wear Or Not Wear : Makeup

Lately I’ve been struggling with skincare. Acne, dry skin, and some random pink spots have become the new thing on my face. So of course, the only way I can cover these up is with makeup! But with the whole dry skin thing, my forehead looks flakey when I put on the foundation so I’ve been trying to deal with my skin issues and wear less makeup with hopes of that working faster.

Wearing less makeup has seemed to be a bit trickier than I had imagined. Not that I would wear that much makeup before, but sometimes a little foundation goes a long way, amiright? What I didn’t realize is how much it actually affects my confidence. Without makeup I look much more tired, or maybe I look the amount of tired that I am, and I feel pretty gross. So this dealing with my skin has seemed to become more of a dealing with self confidence, who knew.

I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who tells me I look beautiful when I’m wearing makeup and when I’m not. But having the realization of needing makeup vs. using it for fun definitely makes me think twice before I put it on.

So here it is…a selfie without makeup. I’ve never gotten why others have done it, but I’m beginning to realize a little bit more. It’s not about the likes you get from it, the comments of others telling you their opinion of how you look without makeup, but it’s the fact that you yourself are okay with having a photo out there on the internet where you are wearing no makeup, baring that bare face, and not deleting it quickly after posting it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup! I will still wear makeup. But I think it’s important for a person to realize why they are putting on what they are putting on. Is it because you like to accentuate your eyes? Because you find it fun to get dolled up? Or is it because without it, you feel unattractive. That last one isn’t cool, and isn’t a reason to try to cover up. Even if you’re suddenly experiencing a weird mix of skin issues.

So here’s to being brave, allowing yourself to have days where you go bare faced, and to feeling good about it. You’re beautiful with or without makeup, so believe that and own that.


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