Adam & I are so excited to finally share our big news…we’re having a baby in July! Although we did not expect this sweet little addition to our family of two (okay three including Max) so soon, we feel extremely blessed that God has given us this incredible gift. We know His plan is so much more greater than any plan we could ever dream up and clearly this little one is part of His plan for us.

I am beyond excited to raise a child with Adam and can’t wait to keep you all updated on our journey.

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^^ My Four Month Mark Photo ^^

While Adam & I were away on our honeymoon, we found this store that has the greatest children’s department. I love looking at baby and kids items, they’re so freaking cute, so of course this store was a dream. I happened to stumble upon this sweet little wooden duck that I could just not leave behind so we decided to buy it for our future child and store it away in my hope chest my Mom passed down to me. Well turns out, this duck won’t be staying in it’s box for as long as we thought it would.


I’d say one of the craziest things throughout this surprise is really how we ended up finding out. Adam and I were about to go out to have pizza and beer for dinner together, which I was super excited for because I hadn’t been feeling well since the middle of our honeymoon or so (hint number one I missed) but the pizza and beer thing was calling my name. Before we are about to leave the house I casually mentioned to Adam that I’m, you know, late…by like 5 days( hint number two). But truthfully I didn’t think much of it. So of course Adam has actually already realized this and goes, maybe you should take a test before we go drink a big glass of beer? I was a tad resistant to that suggestion because I was so freaking hungry at this point and I just wanted to drink that beer with my pizza. But alas, I knew he was being smart about the whole thing so we went and picked up a test before dinner and I took it. Well, when I looked down at that test and saw two lines, one slightly faint, I think I almost fainted. I called Adam over and tried reasoning to him, “…but it’s only a faint line!” so it could be wrong, right? He assured me that two lines are two lines and that I was in fact preggo.

To be honest, I was taken aback about it all. I was planning on going back to university in fall to start my Bachelor of Environmental Design Degree, I want to become an Interior Designer, so the thought of all those dreams being pushed aside were incredibly hard to swallow. Suddenly I had to think about becoming a mom, which is quite an overwhelming feeling! I can barely keep my house plants alive, now I have to keep a human alive? But once I sat on the couch with Adam for a while, wrapped in his arms, I started to realize the truth. God blessed us with this little life. He gave us this life that was starting to grow inside of me and entrusted one of his children to me! To Adam and I! And you know what, that’s when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started to feel overjoyed that I was going to raise a child with my best friend and husband. If I’m supposed to become an interior designer later, it’ll happen. But for now, I’m going to focus on all the amazing things being a Mom has to offer, and I just hope I can be half as good of a mom that my mom was and is to me.

During the entire time I was trying to digest this life changing news, Adam just wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. He kissed my forehead and listened to my cries, concerns and fears and helped me feel at peace. Then when I asked him how he felt about it all he told me he suspected I was pregnant before I did, and that even though it’s sooner than we had talked about, he was really excited to be a dad! The look of joy in his eyes made my heart so happy and I know with him by my side, it’s going to be amazing raising a kid.  (Adams sister and brother in law had a little girl this past January so we are also really excited our children will be so close in age!)

This man is my earthly rock, he is such an incredible man and I can’t wait for him to be a dad and get to hold our little baby. I’ve known that I want to have kids with him for a while already, so my heart is overjoyed that we get to do this together!

So now that the shock has long worn off, we talk about baby stuff everyday pretty much and with total excitement! We’ve already started collecting baby items, I just can’t keep myself from purchasing little onesies and knit items when I see them! I think this nesting thing has more than kicked in already. I just love this little baby growing inside me so much already and I can’t wait to hold him/her in my arms!



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