When Josh offered us the option to have a photobooth at our wedding, I was pumped! I’m pretty sure I was thinking “Oh heck yes!” while trying to act calm about the whole idea.

Looking through all of these photos after the wedding was a blast, and then I was even happier we chose to do it. I feel as though these photos are pretty self explanatory so here we go…

Oh hey! See if you can spot our wedding crashers. We thought they had some sweet dance moves, so we let ’em stay.

0P8A2868 copy

0P8A3035 copy

0P8A3039 copy

0P8A2911 copy

0P8A2886 copy

0P8A2887 copy

0P8A2895 copy

0P8A2899 copy

0P8A3099 copy

0P8A2928 copy

0P8A2986 copy

0P8A2939 copy

0P8A2928 copy

0P8A3080 copy

0P8A2881 copy

0P8A2884 copy

0P8A2872 copy

0P8A2873 copy

0P8A3066 copy

0P8A2870 copy

0P8A2896 copy

0P8A3087 copy

0P8A2937 copy

0P8A2953 copy

0P8A3032 copy




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