Today is the day I finally get to share our wedding photos with you! We received them a while ago already, but I figured since I had started to post honeymoon photos I’d continue with that and post these after.

Our wedding day went by insanely fast, which people warned me about but I really couldn’t believe just how fast it went by, especially since I got up at 6am and finally went to bed around 1:30am.

The entire day felt like a dream come true. After all, I did get to marry my best friend and promise my whole life to him so ya know, it was the best. We really couldn’t have asked for better people to spend our day with too. Our bridal party, hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, families and friends really helped to make our day even better, and took the party up to another level.

We took most of our photos before the ceremony, and I was so pumped that Josh captured some amazing photos of us at Adam’s (now our!) house especially since it’s where I first met Adam, where he first told me he loved me and where he proposed!

Adam and I chose to get married at this wonderful little cathedral that is tucked away off of a busy street, and surrounded by a cemetery. The inside is Norman-Gothic style, which we fell in love with when we saw it, and it has this amazing romantic feel.

The reception was held at the Fort Garry Hotel, so we used some decor to make it have more of a relaxed, garden party, bohemian feeling.

Everything about the day went so smoothly and perfectly, and I wouldn’t change one thing about it even if I could.

Adam&Brittany10 copy

Adam&Brittany44 copy

Adam&Brittany46 copy

Adam&Brittany23 copy

Adam&Brittany81 copy

Adam&Brittany94 copy

Adam&Brittany106 copy

Adam&Brittany114 copy

Adam&Brittany125 copy

Adam&Brittany169 copy

Adam&Brittany177 copy

Adam&Brittany161 copy

Adam&Brittany164 copy

Adam&Brittany189 copy

Adam&Brittany224 copy

Adam&Brittany209 copy

Adam&Brittany249 copy

Adam&Brittany270 copy

Adam&Brittany312 copy

Adam&Brittany416 copy

Adam&Brittany472 copy

Adam&Brittany485 copy

Adam&Brittany508 copy

Adam&Brittany580 copy

Adam&Brittany581 copy

Adam&Brittany571 copy

Adam&Brittany656 copy

Adam&Brittany685 copy

Adam&Brittany680 copy

Adam&Brittany629 copy

Adam&Brittany689 copy

Adam&Brittany698 copy

Adam&Brittany724 copy

Adam&Brittany751 copy

Adam&Brittany737 copy

Adam&Brittany764 copy

Adam&Brittany783 copy

Adam&Brittany901 copy

Adam&Brittany837 copy

Adam&Brittany954 copy

Adam&Brittany1007 copy

Adam&Brittany982 copy

Photography- Josh Dookhie

Makeup- Sarah Kim

Hair- Becki Bergen

Musician- William Prince (+myself)

Bridesmaids Gowns- Cathy Wiebe Designs

Suits- Giovanni Lagioia’s Custom Tailoring Shop

Wedding Coordinator – Ever & Day Events (I have no idea how all those garlands would’ve gotten set up otherwise! Not to mention the helpful reminders.)



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