A + B Honeymoon Vacay : Part 3 – Stockholm

The second last part of our trip was spent in Stockholm, which I fell in love with the minute we stepped outside of the train station (although that train ride I was not the most fond of. Nausea nausea nausea.). It’s this incredible mixture of old meets new, brick buildings meets modern architecture.

We walked from the train station to our hotel since it was only a 15 minute walk. I was really glad we did that because we were able to start getting acquainted with the city right away, and had more time to explore, which was great because we only spent three nights in Stockholm.

The Nobis Hotel was definitely the nicest (in terms of contemporary and fancy type of nice) hotel we stayed in our entire trip. The staff was incredibly kind and welcoming and helped us find a place to eat our first night there, which turned into the one of the best nights we had our entire honeymoon.


The Royal Palace was one of my favourite tourist-y things we did in Stockholm. I may have even enjoyed the tour of The Royal Palace as much as the Palace Of Versailles, and that’s saying a lot. Not only is it currently in use (His Majesty The King’s official residence!) but there is a part of the Palace left over for the old castle, the north wing. The history behind this Palace is very interesting to read up on and they have a ton of artifacts, which I was super impressed with.



One of my favourite parts of Stockholm was being able to walk around everywhere. Everything is so beautiful, everyone is so fashionable, and the fall colours were in full bloom.




We only had a chance to visit one Chapel while there, the Storkyrkan, but I think we chose the right one to visit. This Chapel is the oldest building in Stockholm, is still used for Royal Weddings and Burials and is full of tombs. There are tombs that are very obviously tombs but then there you look down at where you walked and there are tons more.





And of course, how could I go without taking any photos of superb street style? The fashion in Stockholm was distracting for me. They really knew how to dress up well for even just a walk with their kiddo, looking so put together and cool. The thing I noticed the most though was their gorgeous coats, which everyone seemed to have.






And last but not least…coffee!




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