A + B Honeymoon Vacay : Part 3 – Copenhagen

For the next part of our honeymoon adventures, we flew off to Copenhagen, Denmark and it was so amazing! I want to fly back there right now. Seriously.

The flight itself wasn’t the best, I was feeling pretty nauseated for about half of it, but I really can’t complain because we were able to fly first class. I have never experienced first class before, but oh my goodness was it cool. We step on the plane and they not only offer to hang up our coats but hand us a glass of champagne. Uhm, what? I’ve never liked airplane meals, but they gave us some great food, and a lot of it. Plus, Adam and I got to sit side by side since that plane didn’t have individual pods which I was grateful for because it was wonderful to be able to talk to my husband and watch movies (the same movie! We managed to press play at the exact same time!) beside him.

When we arrived in Copenhagen it was late morning, so we grabbed a taxi ride to our hotel, checked in ourselves and our luggage, and then ventured out to find a coffee shop since our room was not ready for us yet. We found this cute little coffee shop not too far from us and I was very grateful for the caffeine, and to be able to sit because the backpack I was carrying around had our camera and two lenses in it. So heavy. On the way to the coffee shop we also spotted this cool pizza and beer spot called The Neighbourhood, which we ended up going to twice during our stay.

Our hotel was so great! The bed was uber comfortable, we had couches and a coffee table, two tvs in there and a very cool view from our balcony. The best part though was the tap water. Copenhagen is incredibly fortunate to have such clean tap water (some of the cleanest in the world!) that you can drink straight from the tap. No need for a brita filter! And the water tasted so good, not to mention how my skin and hair felt after my first shower there. I wish we had that in Manitoba. Their water is pumped deep from the ground and is passed through a sand filter. They don’t need water from any lakes or rivers because of the huge supply they have underground, which covers the entires country’s needs.




Copenhagen has stunning buildings, beautiful brickwork and colour, a great selection of stores, amazing bicycle lanes (I felt safe cycling around since they have legit bike lanes and it was lovely), many areas in walking distance from another, weather which is perfect for light layering, and incredibly friendly people.





And then there is this street Strøget, which is the longest shopping area in Copenhagen. It goes for 1.1 kilometres and ranges from H&M type stores to Prada, which is great for all budgets.

It also is insanely gorgeous to look at and walk around! Plus it was only a 5-10 minute bicycle ride from our hotel, so we went there almost everyday (there was also a great coffee shop on the street that had delicious pastries).




While we were in Copenhagen we cycled out to two different castles, Amalienborg and Rosenborg. Rosenborg was a very interesting castle because it was built in the early 17th century by Christian IV. I’ve never toured a castle that old before, it was a mixture of stunning interiors and creepy feelings (especially one room which a King was murdered in).






After we walked around Rosenborg, we biked over to Amalienborg, which was a whole different level of beautiful. Amalienborg was built in the 1700’s, and is made up of four identical palaces. One building is a guest residence, another is used as guest palace for Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte, the third is home of the Crown Prince family, and the fourth is home of the Queen and Prince Consort.

You are able to tour Christian VIII’s palace, the one used as a guest palace for Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte, and it is stunning! Unfortunately I didn’t get many good photos in it because the rooms are glassed in, so you can see how they would have been laid out but cannot go into them. I really appreciated how every room has signs with a whole bunch of info to read so you can appreciate each room and it’s details much more.

We were able to be there for the guard changing as well, which was very interesting to see. It’s impressive how perfect the guards move together.




And then there is Nyhavn! I wanted to sit in the middle of the streets and stare at the beauty of the buildings and boats for hours. I really don’t know how anyone gets any work done in Copenhagen, I’d walk or bike around all day, stopping at every coffee shop along the way.



One morning we decided to bike over to this great oatmeal place called Grød, which this superb lady told me about before we left. They literally have the best oatmeal I have ever eaten. Their menu changes every week, which I love (so creative!), and their meals are cheeeeap.






To end off our trip in Copenhagen we cycled down to The Little Mermaid. It was much smaller and cooler than I imagined it would be. In order to get up close to it you have to walk down some rocks from the walkway, and get through a crowd of other tourist. But it was all worth it.





Ah Copenhagen, you have a special place in my heart.

Being able to explore this beautiful city with Adam was beyond wonderful. I love traveling with him, creating memories with him and working together to find where in the heck we are going in a city that we cannot read the language in! I just love that guy.



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