A + B Honeymoon Vacay : Part 2 – New York

The first stop on our honeymoon vacay was Brooklyn, New York. We stayed at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, and even though we had researched it before we booked it, I was still blown away by it when we arrived. First of all, there is the exterior of the hotel. The brick, glass rooftop bar addition, it’s incredible. Then you walk inside and see the  wooden beams, columns, exposed wood ceilings, heated concrete floors, window wall, and very cool light fixtures. And then to top that all off, everyone was genuine and friendly! I’d stay there again in a heartbeat.

Hotel copy

Wythe Entrance copy

Table Wythe copy

side table copy

lights at the Wythe copy

Lighting at Wythe copy

Wythe Room copy

Wythe Street View copy

^^Our bedroom was the second row from the bottom. The floor to ceiling window was definitely one of my favourite parts about our room!^^

Bedroom View copy

^^ Our view from our bedroom was this really brick wall with logos on it!^^

sunset wythe  copy

^^The view from The Ides was incredible! It was very convenient that it was on the sixth floor of our hotel, so we made it up there a couple nights in a row. The beer was delicious, and even though a tad pricier than what we usually have, it was totally worth it.^^

^^ Brooklyn Brewery was right outside of our hotel, and when we walked past it we were able to see some of the everyday things that go on there. They had a big door open so we peeked inside! Their tours book up fast (I tried to book one two months in advance and it was already booked up!) so if you are wanting to look around, make sure you look into it early!^^

Birdy copy

^^ Brooklyn was most definitely my favourite part about New York. It was quiet, there are cafes and cool restaurants on every block, and they also had some pretty great shopping. We stopped at this one little place and had an incredible brunch ( I wish I could remember the name of it). This little bird hopped around our feet and visited with us for a while. It was a very peculiar thing, the birds in New York. They weren’t afraid of humans like they are here. They would walk right around your feet, fly right in front of you as you walk, and waited by your feet for you to drop some food.^^

On our day where we ventured out into Manhattan we visited the MoMA, which was quite the experience. Just the size alone of that museum is astounding, never mind how many beautiful pieces of art work they have in there. The only unfortunate thing about this day is that I decided I wanted to wear my new boots I had just bought the previous day from Acne Studios.  Biiiig mistake. My feet were so sore and blistered that we had to stop at the Gap to buy a pair of cheap slip on flats so I could make it through the rest of the day! Learned my lesson, I did.

Wall Art copy

MoMa Art Piece copy

corner of art copy

Artwork and Shading copy

Art MoMa copy

lighting copy

A MoMa copy

We were also very fortunate to be able to view the Picasso Exhibit that was currently at MoMA, which we both loved and enjoyed very much.

MoMa copy

Guitar Artwork copy

Picasso Art copy

Picasso copy

^^We happened to walk right past Grand Central Terminal which we weren’t planning on visiting at all, but decided to check it out. What a beautiful building! The details were stunning, unfortunately I didn’t have a flash along and there were just a lot of people running around so I felt bad trying to figure out how to get good shots of it all. But I’d say if you are ever in New York, it’s worth it to check it out!^^

Times Square copy

Times Square and statues copy

Seating Times Square copy

^^ Ahhh Times Square. With all of the hype it gets I was expecting something…grander? It was a bit underwhelming to tell you the truth. Sure it was cool to see all the big screens surrounding you, and to be amidst all the hustle and bustle of the busy New Yorkers, but after about ten seconds of looking around I was done. I’m glad we were able to experience it, but I probably wouldn’t go again. Unless of course it was Christmas time and the tree was up!! ^^

Manhattan Buildings copy

Street View Manhattan copy

^^ Manhattan in general was just not my scene truthfully. I loved Soho and the Lower East Side (and of course Brooklyn), but Manhattan was this area of constant honking, yelling, people with earbuds in listening to their own personal soundtrack, talking on their phones, looking down at their phones. It was really quite amusing because  you could easily tell who was a true New Yorker and who was a tourist. New Yorkers were in their own little world, constantly on their phones, constantly on this mission to be somewhere. Tourists were looking around at this beautiful city in amazement, taking photographs, and of course, didn’t have earbuds in.^^

Street Art copy

Painting in Brooklyn copy

Brooklyn Walk copy

Manhattan Street View copy

^^ I can’t wait to be back in Brooklyn someday. There is something about it that really just captured a piece of my heart.^^

^^ Okay, the fashion in New York. People must have thought I was a creep because sometimes I’d just stop and look around at what everyone was wearing and take it all in. New Yorkers have such a unique style though and I’m a little jealous of them. Thank you New York for making me want to amp up my style game a bit more! ^^



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