Better Late Than Never

So apparently it’s been fourth months since I have written a blog post, which is super lame. And even though it may not be January, I have decided to make a resolution to write at least one blog post per week, which as I’m typing this doesn’t seem that impressive, especially since the wonder-woman who write the amazing blogs I follow write a couple times a day, but I guess once a week is quite an improvement from once every four months (sheesh).

Where do I even begin? Let’s see…three months ago I became a fiancee! I cannot even begin to tell you how insanely excited I am to marry Adam! He is the most patient, kind, caring, sweet, loving, humble, funny, and just ridiculously amazing man ever. Oh and he is also veeeery handsome. Fine, oh so fine. Mmm mmm mm. I cannot wait to marry my best friend and become his wife!

I have really enjoyed planning our wedding with him! We still have some little things left to do, but most of the planning is done, which is hard to believe since we still have four months left until our wedding! But I really enjoy making decisions with him, plus we pretty much knew what we wanted so it’s mostly been a breeze. It’s definitely not always easy when you’re blending two families that are very different. Situations arise that you haven’t necessarily planned for or thought would really be an issue. But, what’s really wonderful about marrying your best friend is that you sit down together, talk about how you want to deal with the situation, deal with it together, stand by each other in your decisions and you get stronger as a couple through it all!


As well as planning a wedding, we are also working on building a house! So we have been meeting with an architect about the plans, which has been very exciting too! We’ve learnt that the process of house plans and building definitely take longer than we expected, so now we are looking for an apartment for the winter while our house is being built, but I’m actually really looking forward to moving into a smaller place first! I’ve never had the opportunity to live in an apartment, so this will be a fun experience I get to have with Adam!

I’ve also started a new job, well three months ago, so that’s also been going well too!

Life is busy, it can be full of highs and lows, but I am just so grateful I have a wonderful fiancé, family, and friends to spend it with!




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