Christmas Time Is Near

Can you believe that there is only 2 days left until Christmas?! Even though I am pretty much ready for Christmas (there is a first time for everything), I still don’t feel as though Christmas is that near. Maybe it’s because it hasn’t snowed a lot where I live, or maybe it is because I haven’t been feeling well. Either way, I guess I need to get into the Christmas spirit very quickly!

I think that sometimes it’s also hard to get into the Christmas spirit because we,  as human beings, tend to focus on the materialistic aspect of Christmas all too easily. Did we buy good enough gifts for our friends and family members? Is it wrapped pretty enough? Should we fill up the stockings more so they look extra full? We wouldn’t want to look cheap because more presents equals more love right? Wrong. It is so easy to get caught up in the gifts that we forget what Christmas is all about. It’s about love. It’s about a little baby boy who was born into the world for us. It’s about Christ. It’s not about how many gifts you have under your tree, how full your stockings are, or how much you spent on people. But it’s about love, giving love, sharing love. God loves us so much he sent his son to earth. Why is it so hard for us to focus on the love?

I know I know, I probably sound like a hippie right now, yah? But really guys. Just think about how less stressful Christmas would be if we focused on the real meaning. If we focused on our family, our friends, and if we were grateful for the gifts we received instead of wondering how much that person spent on us. Let’s focus on love.

That being said, I love Christmas traditions. Please don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for gifts, stuffing the stockings, doing all those lovely things.  I just think that it is important to keep perspective on what is important and to not give to receive but to give out of love.

One of my favourite traditions is picking out our Christmas tree! This year, Adam & I went to a tree farm and bought locally. I will definitely be doing that again next year. Not only is it wonderful to support locals but it is also a ton of fun driving to a tree farm and walking around a huge field looking at trees! So I thought I’d share a few pics from our fun adventure!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with your loved ones!








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