Farmer’s Market Finds

I don’t know about you, but I love going to a Farmer’s Market! There is always so many items to look at, and usually I find something new every time I go!

This past Sunday, Adam + I went to a Farmer’s Market downtown in our city that just recently started up. I was pleasantly surprised with how many vendors they had for being so new. I am looking forward to now having two Farmer’s Markets that I will be checking out quite regularly!

Loved Shorts

{These high waisted denim shorts are from this lovely vendor called “Loved Shorts” . They have a huge selection, and they are all different!}

Piccola Cucina

{I have never had such amazing macaroons before! These one are Lemon Lavender Macaroons and they are not only dairy free and gluten free but also soy free, grain free, yeast free and corn free as well as low in sodium. I mean seriously. And they’re to die for. Well done Piccola Cucina !}

Do you have any Farmer’s Markets that you’re excited to visit this summer?


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