Winterized Wishlist

I always get incredibly excited when winter time is upon us. Not only because that means that Christmas is coming (it’s 43 days away people! 43!), but also because it means…WINTER WARDROBE! Now I know that to some, this is not exciting at all. Big sweaters, thick jackets, bundling up! But that’s the best part! Layering! Needless to say, I’ve been pretty pumped to bring out all the sweaters, leggings, big scarves, chunky cardigans, etc. And with bringing out all my winter items, I’ve also realized I am lacking in some items, and that some need replacing. So I decided to create for myself a little winterized wishlist! Before you scroll down and see this wishlist, you should be warned…it’s all greys and blacks with one navy item in there. What can I say? I love my dark colours…plus they’re so wonderful for layering so many items with!

1. The Kensington Canada Goose Jacket in Navy (approximately $694.99, as seen at Cabela’s)

This gorgeous jacket is not only gorgeous! It is also super warm, which is perfect for the chilly weather we get here in Winnipeg, and long, so it will protect me while I wait at the bus stop in that chilly weather! I love how this jacket is stylish and can be used not only for everyday use, but even if you are going out! I have been dreaming about buying this jacket for about…2 years? It’s going to happen this year. For real.  And believe me, you’ll know right away because there will be a post up shortly afterwards!


2. The Unisex Cuffed Acrylic Lined Beanie in Charcoal (American Apparel, $22.00)

I love this beanie because not only is it warm, but also still stylish! It comes in many many colours (of course I would like the charcoal one the best), and is lined, so that gives your poor ears extra protection when it gets super cold out! It has the perfect amount of slouch to it as well, which is hard to find in these types of toques.


3. The Original Black Slip-On Blundstone Boots (Soft Moc, $169.99)

I adore these! And I can honestly say, they look even better ON! This picture really does not do them justice at all. These boots are great because they are leather, have a comfort footbed, a molded, reinforced heel, are slip resistant and have increased shock protection. Have I convinced you to get them yet? I’ve certainly made myself want to order them right now…


4. The RUSOVA Boot (Aldo Shoes, $130.00)

These are the perfect going out boots! With the block heel and almond toe, they are very easy to wear and to pair with many different outfits. For example, you could wear them with a cute dress, tights, a button up cardigan and wear them out for a nice dinner! Or, you could pair them with skinny jeans, an oversized tee shirt, an oversized cardigan, and you have an uber cool everyday outfit!


5. The 23110 Maria J Brand Lacquered Skinnies (J Brand, $245,55)

I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with these jeans! I bought them about 2 months ago, and have to watch how often I wear them so that they do not get worn out! I put them on my wishlist because I would love another pair in case I ruin mine now (I’d be devastated if they got ruined!). I love these jeans with an easy tee, cool drapey cardi, and combat boots. But of course, you could pair them with a ton more!


6. The Wilfred CAPUCINE T-Shirt in Heather Grey (Aritzia, $50)

I have not found a better T-Shirt than this! It’s high-lo hem, drapey jersey, tulip shape makes me want to wear it everyday. But actually. It’s hard not too! And the best part is, you can wear it with leggings as well because it covers your bum and frontal region! Seriously. Nobody wants that horrible legging-as-pants scenario happening to them. If you haven’t tried on this top, you probably should.


7. The Rayon Babydoll Dress in Black (American Apparel, $58)

OK, so I already have this item as well…but it is so wonderful!!! It’s drapey shape (you catching the theme on my love of drapey clothing?) and perfect length means lots of layering options! I think my favourite way to wear it so far has been with my black shiny leggings (also from American Apparel), Knee High Black Socks (from Joe), Tall Black Boots, my long antler necklace (from It Rhymes With Orange) and a schload of rings on my fingers.


8. Mackage Dale Coat in Charcoal (Aritzia, $670)

Ugh…this coat is beautiful. It’s made of heavyweight wool fabric and has the cool mixed material look. I love how grunge-y it is, yet you could make it look high fashion as well. Uber cool. This model has is styled exactly how I’d wear it,  so that just makes me want it even more! Aritzia, you’ve done it yet again.


9. Double Layer Chiffon Blouse in Light Grey (Topshop, £ 36)

How cool is this blouse? It already has the layered look to it, which we all know I am obsessed with, and the cuffs add an extra cool detail. I just want to put it on right now with skinny jeans, chelsea boots, and leather jacket…maybe it’s good there isn’t a TopShop where I live…


10. TNA Gambier Sweater in Black Marl (Aritzia, $110)

I recently saw this lambswool sweater in store, and it stopped me in my tracks. The design, exposed metal zipper, colours (or lack of), and price are all perfect. What a nice way to keep yourself warm and stylish!


So there ya have it folks. My winterized wishlist! Any other items that you adore and would suggest me looking at?


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